I started Bana’s Bows & Bands in honor of my daughter Savannah. Prior to becoming a Mom I studied and begun a career in Fashion, specializing in Women’s Apparel.  Of course life changes when you bring a new little bundle into this world and so very quickly my focus shifted from full size to mini-me.

Every Day I would wake up so excited to dress her.  From the second she came into this world she needed her accessories: a bow and a bracelet.  In the words of my mother, “Well, a girls got to have her things.”  And have her things she does!  Bows!  Tons of them!  There would be no mistaking her for a boy.

The thing that frustrated me the most about buying her bows–and ultimately led me to start this brand–was how many you have to buy and that you have to buy the same bow over and over as they get older.  So I thought to myself, what if you could change out the bows and bands.

With that thought I began creating the ultimate bow experience.  No more grosgrain bands paired with tacky lace headbands or elastic that doesn’t quite match.  Now we have grosgrain bows AND headbands.  Each band has a tasteful slot for a clip-on bow.  It’s so hidden you can wear the headband by itself as well.  Then, as your child grows hair you can use that collection of bows you’ve acquired to adore your beautiful girl’s head.

As Jessica Simpson said on Fashion Star, “That’s what we call a Two-fer, and we like those.”