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I’m so VERY proud of this band because it combines the softness of elastic with the look of grosgrain.  Here’s how it works. I use grosgrain ribbon for the front half and elastic for the back to give it stretch and keep it snug to the head.  I also add a nice cushion so we Continue Reading

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I started Bana’s Bows & Bands in honor of my daughter Savannah. Prior to becoming a Mom I studied and begun a career in Fashion, specializing in Women’s Apparel.  Of course life changes when you bring a new little bundle into this world and so very quickly my focus shifted from full size to mini-me.  

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She got the nick name from my little niece Aubrey who was thrilled to come visit Savannah for the first time.  She and her mother Jamie worked for weeks pronouncing “Sa-van-nah” but her poor little lips could never quite form the “v” properly.  No matter how hard she tried she would always pronounce a “b”.  Continue Reading